Michael Whatcott

Here's what I've been working on lately:

An Expression of Care - 31 Mar 2024
Happy Easter!

Scripting Utilities for Go projects - 25 Mar 2024
A complementary bunch of tiny modules.

"The servants did go and labor with their mights" - 18 Feb 2024
"...and the Lord of the vineyard labored also with them!"

Go Quiz - 5 Feb 2024
Do you know Go?

The Introduction to The Book of Mormon - 9 Jan 2024
Another Testament of Jesus Christ

Utah Area Leadership Broadcast (Recap) - 31 Dec 2023
Building up Zion--Creating Christlike Communities of Faith, Unity, Love and Covenant Belonging

Review: GopherCon 2023 - 2 Oct 2023
Just a few thoughts and reactions

Ten Years of Programming in Go - 21 Aug 2023

The 1st Epistle of Bishop Whatcott to the Primary - 20 Aug 2023
(Inspired by Paul's epistle to the Romans)

Alternative Go Method Expression Syntax - 3 Aug 2023
You think you know a language and then...BAM!

Jesus Christ is the Bishop of our Souls - 8 Jul 2023
...and as such is a perfect model for those who hold the office of Bishop in His church.

Scripture Chain: Repentance & Forgiveness - 4 Jul 2023
Each scripture referenced from General Handbook, Section 32.1

The New Testament, chapter by chapter - 15 Jun 2023
High-level concepts, goings-on, and questions answered.

A Workaround for Enabling Microphone Permissions for Minecraft Proximity Chat Mod - 10 Jun 2023

When 'generic' is too specific - 25 May 2023
...use a type conversion to prepare for the type assertion!