Michael Whatcott

"...upon these [pages] I write the things of my soul, and many of the scriptures...For my soul delighteth in the scriptures, and my heart pondereth them, and writeth them for the learning and the profit of my children."(2 Nephi 4:15)

2024-05-27 Struck with wonder and amazement ...they knew not what to think!

2024-05-27 Waiting upon the Spirit of the Lord ...they did prolong the time.

2024-05-26 Miraculous Missionary Work The only way missionary work works is because of miracles!

2024-05-23 Bulk operations in the terminal with Sublime Text A neat trick for semi-automation of repetitive tasks on/in a group of folders.

2024-03-31 An Expression of Care Happy Easter!

2024-03-25 Scripting Utilities for Go projects A complementary bunch of tiny modules.

2024-02-18 "The servants did go and labor with their mights" "...and the Lord of the vineyard labored also with them!"

2024-02-05 Go Quiz Do you know Go?

2024-01-09 The Introduction to The Book of Mormon Another Testament of Jesus Christ

2023-12-31 Utah Area Leadership Broadcast (Recap) Building up Zion--Creating Christlike Communities of Faith, Unity, Love and Covenant Belonging

2023-10-02 Review: GopherCon 2023 Just a few thoughts and reactions

2023-08-21 Ten Years of Programming in Go

2023-08-20 The 1st Epistle of Bishop Whatcott to the Primary (Inspired by Paul's epistle to the Romans)

2023-08-03 Alternative Go Method Expression Syntax You think you know a language and then...BAM!

2023-07-08 Jesus Christ is the Bishop of our Souls ...and as such is a perfect model for those who hold the office of Bishop in His church.

2023-07-04 Scripture Chain: Repentance & Forgiveness Each scripture referenced from General Handbook, Section 32.1

2023-06-15 The New Testament, chapter by chapter High-level concepts, goings-on, and questions answered.

2023-06-10 A Workaround for Enabling Microphone Permissions for Minecraft Proximity Chat Mod

2023-05-25 When 'generic' is too specific ...use a type conversion to prepare for the type assertion!

2023-04-05 smarty/gunit vs. mdwhatcott/testing/should Unsurprisingly similar on the surface...

2023-02-22 Uncomfortable, yet not comfortless! I should have seen this coming.

2023-01-14 Today and Tomorrow "The day of this life is the day for men to perform their labors"..."that they might be on the morrow in the place where Jesus should show himself"

2022-12-28 Death is not the end! Indeed, it's just the beginning.

2022-12-07 The Morals of the Story ...a word which here means, "The Series of Unfortunate Events", by Lemony Snicket

2022-10-26 Go Generics in Practice Little snippets of Go generics I've written for real projects.

2022-09-26 Rot13 to the Rescue! A convenient way to obscure something you'd rather not see all the time.

2022-08-04 Magnifying Our Calling (Part 2) ...is like building a ship!

2022-05-19 Jesus Christ Delegates His Priesthood Authority ...to us! (If we'll receive it...)

2022-04-25 Follow the Prophet: Russell M. Nelson Cliff notes of his recent talks

2022-03-26 The 'Fun' Matrix Everything we do appears in two quadrants.

2022-03-19 The Temple is Our Spiritual Foundation Some thoughts on President Nelson's recent talks on the importance of temple worship.

2022-02-23 Table-driven Tests in Clojure There's a macro for that...

2022-02-01 The Book of Mormon, chapter by chapter High-level concepts, goings-on, and questions answered.

2022-01-16 The Essence of the Gospel of Jesus Christ ...is the expression of compassion for others! (Elder Ulisses Soares)

2021-12-18 Scripture Scavenger Hunt Just a little something constructive for youth on Sabbath afternoon...

2021-11-29 With His Stripes We Are Healed Messianic passages are sometimes just as much about *us* as they are about Jesus!

2021-11-21 The Simple Terms of Eternal Life Familiar scriptures, restructured to expose a common theme

2021-11-19 "Unto such it shall be given" Disciples of Jesus Christ are given great promises.

2021-11-07 "Make Time for the Lord" Thoughts on President Russell M. Nelson's latest general conference talk.

2021-11-03 I'm a Clean Coder! The apprenticeship was a wonderfully intense period of growth and learning.

2021-10-26 Clojure's 'comp' and 'juxt' functions Just a few illustrative examples.

2021-10-25 Let's talk about Clojure's 'if-let' form The if-let and when-let forms are mini violations of SRP!

2021-10-22 Benchmarking Clojure Code, Part 2 My first Clojure library!

2021-10-21 'Partial' Predicates in Clojure Honestly, I'm still on the fence with this one.

2021-10-20 Vectors: last vs peek Why it's important to understand the defining characteristics of data structures.

2021-10-19 An Apostle's Prayerful Pattern Elder David A. Bednar's consistent invitation to us throughout the years.

2021-10-19 Map Merging in Clojure How to combine various kinds of data into maps.

2021-10-18 Brute Force vs. Indexing Shorter + Faster = Win-win

2021-10-15 Clojure Reader Dispatch Overload Also, how to return a collection literal from an anonymous function literal.

2021-10-15 Counting Frequencies In Clojure "There's a function for that"

2021-10-15 Benchmarking Clojure Code, Part 1 My first Clojure macro!

2021-10-14 Solving Problems in Clojure Just a few little functional adventures.

2021-10-13 Your (Recursive) Loop Needs Reducing Mind == Blown!

2021-10-12 Generating Random Alphanumeric Codes in Clojure Just a fun assortment of functional building blocks!

2021-10-11 Apply vs. Reduce When they are the same, and when they are different.

2021-10-08 Sometimes Coding in Clojure Feels like Cheating (maniacal laughing in background)

2021-10-04 Mapping over multiple collections in Clojure The map function maps 'n' collections to functions that recieve 'n' arguments.

2021-10-01 'Partial' String Formatting in Clojure The 'partial' function effectively creates constants from incomplete function calls!

2021-09-30 Keywords with Hiccup Isn't it nice when a hunch turns out to be a supported feature?

2021-09-29 Getting Started Test-driving ClojureScript Q. So, when does it get easier? A. Right now!

2021-09-24 Getting Started with ClojureScript Is this a really tricky thing, or was it just me?

2021-09-22 'Print-line' Debugging with the 'Thread-as' Macro Yet another plug for my new friend: `as->`

2021-09-22 'Threading' a Pedagogical Needle (part 2) IMHO, let's introduce threading as a variation on the `let` form.

2021-09-21 'Threading' a Pedagogical Needle (part 1) IMHO, threading macros should be introduced started with `as->`.

2021-09-20 Double-brace Initialization in Java Considered Harmful ...to garbage collectors and kittens.

2021-09-16 Nifty Bits of Java Mostly discovered via Intellij's very helpful suggestions.

2021-09-15 Another Layer The fundamental theorem of software engineering in action

2021-09-14 Contrast Java: equal parts comforting and clunky.

2021-09-13 "If the Savior Stood Beside Me" (Spoiler Alert: He actually already does!)

2021-09-10 "In the Wisdom of Him Who Knoweth All Things" The Fall of Adam and Eve is a nuanced example of the infinite wisdom that permeates Heavenly Father's Plan of Redemption!

2021-09-10 Simplifications It's amazing how often we assume that things should be more complicated than needed.

2021-09-09 The Open-Closed Principle, for GUIs Remember, systems should be open for extension and closed for modification.

2021-09-08 Mocking Without Dependency Inversion Just a few thoughts and musings.

2021-09-07 Threading Through Map Keys in Clojure An alternative to the `get-in` function.

2021-09-03 The "Game of Life" Kata in Clojure Along with a case for using random inputs in certain testing scenarios.

2021-09-02 Inverting 'If' Statements in Clojure How about a little code golf?

2021-09-01 Mocking External Library Functions in Clojure + Speclj I'm finally 'grok'-ing the approach!

2021-08-31 Back in the groove Ah, much better!

2021-08-30 Filtering Set Intersections In Clojure A convenient little trick!

2021-08-30 When everything is a 'one-liner' It's no wonder so many programmers are hesitant to adopt the functional paradigm!

2021-08-27 A Lapse in Discipline Has this ever happened to you?

2021-08-27 Clojure Map Keys as Functions A twist on a previous post.

2021-08-26 "Tic-Tac-Toe! 4-in-a-row!" That's how it goes, right?

2021-08-25 When the going gets 'gui'... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

2021-08-24 Managing GUI Screens with Quil It's all just data.

2021-08-23 Clojure Maps as Functions Just a little Monday morning 'ah-hah!'

2021-08-20 Mocking With Speclj A phrase which here means "designing functional code to be more testable".

2021-08-19 KISS: Keep It Simple, Smarty! Smart people keep things simple.

2021-08-18 Manual Vertical Code Alignment in Clojure ...if you're into that sort of thing.

2021-08-18 Manual Vertical Code Alignment Just a little bit here and there can really spruce up the place.

2021-08-17 The Prime Factors Kata in Clojure With music by Bach*, Beethoven, and Brahams, all performed by Michael Whatcott

2021-08-16 Working with Grids in Clojure My head hurts.

2021-08-12 SOLID: The Single Responsibility Principle (SRP) Software entities should have only one reason to change.

2021-08-12 SOLID: The Open/Closed Principle (OCP) Software entities should be 'open for extension but closed for modification'.

2021-08-12 SOLID: The Liskov Substitution Principle (LSP) Subtypes must be substitutable for their base types.

2021-08-12 SOLID: The Interface Segration Principle (ISP) Clients should not be forced to depend on methods they do not use.

2021-08-12 SOLID: The Dependency Inversion Principle (DIP) High level policy should depend on abstractions rather than low-level implementations.

2021-08-11 The Bowling Game Kata in Clojure My variation on a theme by Robert C. Martin

2021-08-10 Extract Till You Drop How to go about extracting functions isn't always obvious at first.

2021-08-09 Destructuring in API Design Applying destructuring to smooth out helper methods.

2021-08-06 List vs Vector Round 1...FIGHT!

2021-08-05 Prime Number Iteration An effective, but not overly complicated, solution.

2021-08-04 Threading Speclj Assertions Just a crazy idea

2021-08-03 Functional Bowling Game Kata (as opposed to...disfunctional bowling game kata?)

2021-08-02 Clean Coders: Resident Apprentice I'm now a resident apprentice at Clean Coders Studio!

2021-08-02 Let's Go Bowling! Learning something new? Try bowling with it...

2021-08-02 Getting Started with 'speclj' Just a 'speclj' of tests here and there...

2021-07-11 Hearts Knit Together in Unity ...and in love one towards another

2021-06-28 Faith and Fairness We'd like more of both, but when fairness feels fleeting, we can always exercise our faith!

2021-06-25 Go Test Helpers Just a few suggestions.

2021-05-15 gunit vs. testify Surprisingly similar on the surface...

2021-03-20 The Atoning Power of Jesus Christ The ordinance of the Sacrament is an important way for us to receive the Savior's power!

2020-10-05 "The Living Christ" The Testimony of the Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, cross-referenced with the scriptures.

2020-10-05 "Let your light so shine before this people..." ...but not "to be seen of them."

2020-10-04 An overview of GTD (also details of own implementation)

2020-09-18 Go Testing With Functional Fixtures Writing expressive tests with nothing more than the "testing" package.

2020-08-02 Hymn #11

2020-06-09 Go Starter Kit Helpful resources for Go programmers

2020-05-31 "The Restoration of the Fulness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ" A Bicentennial Proclamation to the World, cross-referenced with the scriptures.

2020-03-18 Mob Programming Why not give it a try?

2020-02-01 Be strong, and of a good courage...

2020-01-21 "What is to be done?" "...if any person needed wisdom from God, I did; for how to act I did not know..."

2020-01-19 When the going gets tough... ...the tough turn to the scriptures.

2020-01-01 Composition: "The Lost is Found" (SATB+Piano) by Michael and Jenny Whatcott

2019-11-30 Assignmnents and Ifs Should assignment statements be inlined into if statements by default?

2019-10-29 Discipline => Traction The counterintuitive constraints of discipline provide empowering traction!

2019-10-28 Reciever Names in Go Commentary on the 'Receiver Names' section of 'Code Review Comments'. You may not like it.

2019-08-11 According to Our Infirmities Part of Jesus' amazing grace is the merciful truth that he suffered through the very infirmities he gave to us.

2019-08-08 The Physical Body Heavenly Father's Amazing Gift

2019-07-01 Church Music Comprehensive indices of my church music compositions and collaborations.

2019-06-23 Hymn: The Atonement of Christ by Dirk and Michael Whatcott

2019-06-16 Hymn: On This the Sabbath Of Our Lord by Jenny Whatcott and Michael Whatcott

2019-06-13 Hymn: We Worship God by Dirk Whatcott and Michael Whatcott

2019-06-09 "...opposition (and opportunity) in all things..." Mortality presents extreme opposition but with exponentially proportional opportunities.

2019-06-01 Hymn: In Temples by Joyce Holladay Glenn and Michael Whatcott

2019-05-31 Song: I Can Have Joy by Jenny and Michael Whatcott

2019-05-12 Hymn #10

2019-04-04 Nephi's wife Who saved his life on at least one occasion.

2019-04-01 More Sister Scriptures The scriptures are consistent and self-fulfilling.

2019-03-30 Hymn #9

2019-02-24 Moving in his Majesty and Power The creations and servants of God allow us to see him moving in his majesty and power.

2019-02-10 Hymn #8

2019-01-20 Hymn: The Redemption of Zion by Dirk and Michael Whatcott

2019-01-09 Hymn: As Saints We Gather by Jana Amundson and Michael Whatcott

2019-01-06 Hymn #7

2018-11-12 Hymn: Come Unto Christ by Bryan and Jana Amundson and Michael Whatcott

2018-10-30 Hymn #6

2018-10-16 Prophetic Promises From October 2018 General Conference

2018-09-21 Song: The Gathering of Israel by Michael Whatcott

2018-09-20 If this, then that... The scriptures are full of conditional logic.

2018-09-17 Hymn: Sufficient Yet My Grace Shall Be by Michael Whatcott

2018-09-10 Hymn: Preach My Gospel by Dirk Whatcott and Michael Whatcott

2018-08-19 I Belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

2018-08-16 Hymn #5

2018-08-16 Hymn: Remember Me by Bryan Amundson and Michael Whatcott

2018-07-30 Hymn: The Lost is Found by Michael and Jenny Whatcott

2018-07-29 Hymn: The Glory Of God by Michael and Dirk Whatcott

2018-07-28 Footnote Expansion - "With One Accord", by Sis. Reyna I. Aburto

2018-07-22 Hymn #4

2018-07-08 Hymn #3

2018-06-25 Hymn #2

2018-06-19 Hymn #1

2018-06-18 Call for Collaborators: New Hymns and Primary Songs Have you ever wanted to team up with a composer to write a hymn or primary song? Now's your chance!

2018-01-04 The Clean Coder Thank you "Uncle Bob" Martin!

2017-10-08 What's your next step? Why not let the Master Teacher show you?

2017-09-26 Ten Years Since "Teach Yourself to Program in Ten Years" Thank you Peter Norvig!

2017-09-03 Sister Scriptures Selected references bear striking resemblance to one another.

2017-08-15 1 Tomato, 2 Tomato, 3 Tomato, 4! How discipline with time management facilitates pair programming.

2017-07-19 Great Expectations God has promised amazing blessings to those that meet his expectations.

2017-06-26 A few of my favorite TLAs How GTD helped me learn a bit more about TDD.

2016-12-14 The Power of Prayer

2016-11-27 All things shall work together for your good

2016-11-24 Happiness == Righeousness

2016-09-19 Your (home teaching) family The nature of home teaching asks us to open our hearts to people as if they are part of our extended family.

2016-09-11 A "Divine Design" Document The Family: A Proclamation to the World

2016-08-31 Angelic Zeal O, that I were an angel!

2016-05-15 To Honor and Magnify the Priesthood What it means to me personally.

2015-12-11 Jesus Christ - Related Study Help Entries

2015-10-16 Lehi's Vision of the Tree of Life (In a single verse)

2015-08-09 Sustain the Prophet In both word and deed

2015-07-30 The Sabbath is a Sign The Lord gave the Sabbath day as a 2-way sign between us and him.

2015-06-10 Continuous [Spiritual] Integration Is there a test suite for our spirits?

2015-05-11 The heart of the Shepherd To what lengths will the shepherd go for his sheep?

2015-02-21 Nephi had charity for his people ...and great faith in Christ that [he would] meet many souls spotless.

2015-02-18 Embedding is beneficial ...whereas an explicit interface keyword is harmful

2015-02-12 Go code that stutters "You keep using that word...I don't think it means what you think it means..."

2015-01-13 On the morrow ...in the place where Jesus would show himself...

2015-01-06 Personal Affirmations in the Scriptures Powerful positive statements that can help shape our thoughts and actions

2014-12-30 The Main Thing ...is to keep the Main Thing the Main Thing...

2014-12-08 Jacob Marley's Regret "At this time of the rolling year I suffer most..."

2014-12-01 "For the power is in us" A review of "Choices for a New Year"

2014-10-23 Spiritual Health Our spirits, like our bodies must be cared for.

2014-09-29 Let us be wise and look forward...for the peace of this people. Mosiah, the last Nephite King, made the world a better place for his children and his people.

2014-09-15 Productivity What do the scriptures teach about personal productivity?

2014-08-30 GTD: Mastering Workflow - Processing (as an algorithm) Surprisingly, this is even more helpful than the diagram.

2014-07-23 Magnifying our calling What's an effective way to think about the word 'magnify'?

2014-07-15 Extending Our Mortal Probation ...is actually an attainable blessing, worth striving for.

2014-07-02 Shameless and blameless Don't believe the voice that encourages you to hide.

2014-06-11 Nephi would have had a great blog... "...upon these I write the things of my soul, and many of the scriptures...For my soul delighteth in the scriptures, and my heart pondereth them, and writeth them for the learning and the profit of my children." (2 Nephi 4:15)

2014-05-29 Home Teaching Reporting (V)oluntary - (F)requent - (D)etailed

2014-05-18 To hold the Priesthood is to repent Alma 13 isn't just about the Priesthood, it's about how Priesthood holders repent.

2014-04-14 A continuum of spiritual growth Continuum: a sequence in which adjacent elements are imperceptibly different from each other, although the extremes are quite distinct.

2014-03-28 Brvty

2014-03-23 Life is like a 3-act play Otherwise entitled: 'How can we explain stuff that seems unfair?'

2014-01-13 A Firm Mind

2014-01-07 Media and Leisure Appropriate use of media and keeping leisure activities in proper perspective

2014-01-01 Choices for a New Year A handout provided by the Spring Creek 8th Ward

2013-12-30 Faith-promoting Scriptures ...and some memorization hints.

2013-12-30 Jacob the poet-prophet A gifted writer, much of his writings are evocative in their imagery.

2013-12-25 GoSublime + GoImports = :) Had enough? -- build failed: imported and not used: 'fmt' --

2013-06-13 A few 'bits' of python

2012-05-31 pyspecs - Minimalistic BDD in Python pyspecs is a testing framework that strives to achieve more readable specifications (tests) by leveraging some fancy syntactic sugar and auto-discovery of tests/specifications (specs).