Hymn: Preach My Gospel

by Dirk Whatcott and Michael Whatcott

September 10, 2018

Below is another collaboration with my dad. I wrote the music (Hymn #2) and he supplied lyrics, which are based on the First Presidency Message near the beginning of "Preach My Gospel, A Guide for Missionary Service".


We compliment you on the great opportunity,
You have to be a missionary, in the latter day.
No more compelling work, in this our day and time,
Nor other work which brings greater satisfaction.

Preach My Gospel helps you be better prepared,
More mature in spirit, more persuasive a teacher.
Use it daily to prepare, in districts and in zones,
Study and learn the scriptures, dotrines, and the principles.

We challenge you to ries to a new sense of commitment,
To assist our Heav'nly Father in His glorious work.
Every missionary, a role in helping out,
Bring to pass immortal and eternal life of man.

The Lord will richly bless and reward you in this sacred work,
As you pray and humbly serve Him, each and every day.
Happiness more awaits you than you have ever had,
As you labor with His children, here and o're the veil.

-Dirk Whatcott,

Preach My Gospel, First Presidency Message

-Michael Whatcott