3 November 2021

I'm a Clean Coder!

The apprenticeship was a wonderfully intense period of growth and learning.

I'm excited to announce the successful culmination of my apprenticeship at Clean Coders Studio! It's been an intense period of growth and learning (much more to come, too).

One challenge that had me very worried in the beginning of the apprenticeship was regularly blogging my learning. I've typically been pretty reserved about technical blogging, preferring to only start typing if I felt I had something unique or novel to share (which is a very high bar, indeed). Well, 60+ blog posts later I'm grateful for the challenge and how it helped me internalize and solidify my learning. The number of posts on this blog has literally doubled in the last 3 months! Lately, I've been seeing blog post ideas almost out of thin air!

Many thanks to my mentor, Micah Martin, for his guidance and challenges. Also, thanks to Gina, who worked with me and helped orient me to several projects during the last several weeks. Thanks to Bob, Tad, Micah, Justin, Nick, and Gina, who formed my final review board. Thanks also to my fellow apprentices Tatiana, Edgardo and Brandon for their support and enthusiasm. Everyone at CleanCoders is so great to work with.

I'm definitely excited for the upcoming opportunities and challenges!