Hymn #1

June 19, 2018

I've decided to try my hand at writing some hymns that I may potentially submit for consideration in the next edition of the LDS hymn book. Regardless of the odds of having any hymns selected I've really enjoyed putting this together and expect to produce many more by the time the submission date (2019-07-01) rolls around.

Here are some notable features of this work:

  1. Meter: 9 9 9 9
  2. Form: ABAC
  3. Two distinct instances of the V/iv.
  4. Descending chromatic alto line in 3rd phrase leads to V/iv.
  5. Non-standard final cadence: variation on plagal cadence with V in the bass. (Not sure if analysts have a name for that pattern or not.)
  6. Derivative Works: