Continuous [Spiritual] Integration

Is there a test suite for our spirits?

June 10, 2015

Successful software development teams adopt workflows and practices that enable them to deliver working software early and regularly, in small, functioning chunks. Each modification or addition to the source code results in several automated mechanisms which construct the software to be deployed and ensure that it is of high quality before being allowed into production, a word which means installed where it can be accessed by the intended users. This process is frequently referred to as continuous delivery.

Any problem before deployment results in alarms and notifications sent to team members and an "all hands on deck" approach is taken in order to remedy the problems so that the software can be safely deployed.

There are insightful applications of these ideas to our own spiritual health. For instance, each day we should be learning, adding to our repository of knowledge and experience. Each new lesson learned should be checked against our existing knowledge, experience as well as our conscience. If our spiritual well-being is in jeopardy (build failing, failed test suite), what mechanisms are there to alert us How do we ensure that the problem is fixed promptly?

Unit Tests (continuous)

Integration Tests (daily/weekly)

Systems Tests (monthly/quarterly/yearly)

Manual Tests

Supplemental Tests

When a test fails I will:

-Michael Whatcott