Hymn: In Temples

by Joyce Holladay Glenn and Michael Whatcott

June 1, 2019

A new hymn, “In Temples”, based on Hymn #9.

I feel that temples aren’t addressed enough in our meetings and that we all can learn more, even those who aren’t able to attend yet. The more temple-minded we are the more often we will attend. It’s a great reminder and also not everyone fully understands how much temples and families are interconnected. Too many young people go to the temple without knowing what to expect. But there really is a great deal we can and should share with those who are preparing to go for the first time. The temple and the plan of salvation are directly related. –Joyce Holladay Glenn

It is my hope in this hymn to have captured sing-able melody shapes and memorable harmonies. Of special harmonic interest are the “borrowed” chords (from the parallel minor key of d-minor) and a final cadence in which I avoid the standard “authentic” movement from ‘Dominant’ to ‘Tonic’ but add rhythmic augmentation to signal closure. I hope this music fosters renewed feelings of reverence and praise–in connection with Sis. Glenn’s lyrics I specifically hope this music evokes renewed reverence for the temple and praise for the Savior’s perfect example and our Heavenly Father’s beautiful plan of salvation. –Michael Whatcott