18 December 2021

Scripture Scavenger Hunt

Just a little something constructive for youth on Sabbath afternoon...


  1. How many books are in the Old Testament? (HINT: table of contents...)

  2. Find the shortest verse in John chapter 11. What does this verse teach us about Jesus?

  3. Find the shortest verse in 1 Nephi chapter 2. Why do you think Nephi shared this detail with us?

  4. Find the Topical Guide section on "Problem-Solving" (HINT: page 381 of the Topical Guide). Pick any of the listed scripture references from that section that are found in the Book of Mormon and turn to that scripture. Read the selected verse(s) to a family member. What did you learn?

  5. What acronym is produced by the last five words in 2 Nephi 9:39?

  6. How many years pass in the books of Jarom and Omni?

  7. How many writers contribute to the first twelve verses of the book of Omni?

  8. The Jaredite barges were totally water-proof! In describing the barges Moroni describes them (several times) as being "tight like unto a ______". Fill in the blank. (HINT: the first few chapters of The Book of Ether...)

  9. Which of the following verses is not like the others?

  1. There are 62 verses in Alma chapter 5. In this chapter Alma asks MANY questions. Get together with a few friends and have each person guess how many questions are in this chapter. Then, divide the chapter into sections, one section for each person, and count all the questions. Who had the best guess? Why do you think Alma was asking so many questions to the people of Zarahemla?


  1. 39

  2. John 11:35; He felt sorrow and empathy, he loved his friend, he loves everyone, etc...

  3. 1 Nephi 2:15; Lehi left all his earthly possessions and property to follow God's commandments. He sacrificed a LOT, etc...

  4. (open-ended answer)

  5. SMILE

  6. 269

  7. Omni, Amaron, Chemish, Aminadom, Amaleki

  8. "dish"

  9. c

  10. 42; (open-ended answer)