Michael Whatcott - 2023

Here's what I wrote in 2023:

Today and Tomorrow - 14 Jan 2023
"The day of this life is the day for men to perform their labors"..."that they might be on the morrow in the place where Jesus should show himself"

Uncomfortable, yet not comfortless! - 22 Feb 2023
I should have seen this coming.

smarty/gunit vs. mdwhatcott/testing/should - 5 Apr 2023
Unsurprisingly similar on the surface...

When 'generic' is too specific - 25 May 2023
...use a type conversion to prepare for the type assertion!

A Workaround for Enabling Microphone Permissions for Minecraft Proximity Chat Mod - 10 Jun 2023

The New Testament, chapter by chapter - 15 Jun 2023
High-level concepts, goings-on, and questions answered.

Scripture Chain: Repentance & Forgiveness - 4 Jul 2023
Each scripture referenced from General Handbook, Section 32.1

Jesus Christ is the Bishop of our Souls - 8 Jul 2023
...and as such is a perfect model for those who hold the office of Bishop in His church.

Alternative Go Method Expression Syntax - 3 Aug 2023
You think you know a language and then...BAM!

The 1st Epistle of Bishop Whatcott to the Primary - 20 Aug 2023
(Inspired by Paul's epistle to the Romans)

Ten Years of Programming in Go - 21 Aug 2023

Review: GopherCon 2023 - 2 Oct 2023
Just a few thoughts and reactions

Utah Area Leadership Broadcast (Recap) - 31 Dec 2023
Building up Zion--Creating Christlike Communities of Faith, Unity, Love and Covenant Belonging