Michael Whatcott - 2022

Here's what I wrote in 2022:

The Essence of the Gospel of Jesus Christ - 16 Jan 2022
...is the expression of compassion for others! (Elder Ulisses Soares)

The Book of Mormon, chapter by chapter - 1 Feb 2022
High-level concepts, goings-on, and questions answered.

Table-driven Tests in Clojure - 23 Feb 2022
There's a macro for that...

The Temple is Our Spiritual Foundation - 19 Mar 2022
Some thoughts on President Nelson's recent talks on the importance of temple worship.

The 'Fun' Matrix - 26 Mar 2022
Everything we do appears in two quadrants.

Follow the Prophet: Russell M. Nelson - 25 Apr 2022
Cliff notes of his recent talks

Jesus Christ Delegates His Priesthood Authority - 19 May 2022
...to us! (If we'll receive it...)

Magnifying Our Calling (Part 2) - 4 Aug 2022
...is like building a ship!

Rot13 to the Rescue! - 26 Sep 2022
A convenient way to obscure something you'd rather not see all the time.

Go Generics in Practice - 26 Oct 2022
Little snippets of Go generics I've written for real projects.

The Morals of the Story - 7 Dec 2022
...a word which here means, "The Series of Unfortunate Events", by Lemony Snicket

Death is not the end! - 28 Dec 2022
Indeed, it's just the beginning.