Michael Whatcott - 2015

Here's what I wrote in 2015:

Personal Affirmations in the Scriptures - 6 Jan 2015
Powerful positive statements that can help shape our thoughts and actions

On the morrow - 13 Jan 2015
...in the place where Jesus would show himself...

Go code that stutters - 12 Feb 2015
"You keep using that word...I don't think it means what you think it means..."

Embedding is beneficial - 18 Feb 2015
...whereas an explicit interface keyword is harmful

Nephi had charity for his people - 21 Feb 2015
...and great faith in Christ that [he would] meet many souls spotless.

The heart of the Shepherd - 11 May 2015
To what lengths will the shepherd go for his sheep?

Continuous [Spiritual] Integration - 10 Jun 2015
Is there a test suite for our spirits?

The Sabbath is a Sign - 30 Jul 2015
The Lord gave the Sabbath day as a 2-way sign between us and him.

Sustain the Prophet - 9 Aug 2015
In both word and deed

Lehi's Vision of the Tree of Life - 16 Oct 2015
(In a single verse)

Jesus Christ - Related Study Help Entries - 11 Dec 2015