by Michael Whatcott

Embedding is beneficial 2015-02-18
...whereas an explicit interface keyword is harmful

Go code that stutters 2015-02-12

GTD: Mastering Workflow - Processing (as an algorithm) 2014-08-30
Surprisingly, this is even more helpful than the diagram.

Now proudly powered by Hugo 2014-05-20
Finally, a satisfying and effective blog setup.

Brvty 2014-03-28

HTML Coverage Reports with GoConvey 2014-02-18

Your Convey needs more Focus 2014-02-07

False Alarm: GoConvey 2.0 2014-02-04
GoConvey 2.0 will not be necessary, look for 1.5 instead.

Coming Soon: GoConvey v2.0 2014-01-24

Request for feedback - GoConvey DSL v2.0 2014-01-01

GoConvey - (yet) another testing tool for GoLang 2013-12-26

GoSublime + GoImports = :) 2013-12-25
Had enough? -- build failed: imported and not used: 'fmt' --

A few 'bits' of python 2013-06-13

pyspecs - Minimalistic BDD in Python 2012-05-31
pyspecs is a testing framework that strives to achieve more readable specifications (tests) by leveraging some fancy syntactic sugar and auto-discovery of tests/specifications (specs).